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Authorization of works of art

Specialists of the International Center of Judicial and ADR Expertise under the European Arbitration Chamber (Brussels, Belgium) provide services of authorization and certification of artworks, the result of which is the preparation of a passport of a artwork, which certifies its authenticity.

The object of authorization and certification can be:

  • paintings;
  • works of architecture, urban planning and landscape art;
  • photographic works, including works made in a manner similar to photography;
  • works of applied art, including works of decorative weaving, ceramics, carving, foundry, art glass, jewelry, etc;
  • illustrations, maps, plans, drawings, sketches, plastic works related to geography, geology, topography, technology, architecture and other areas of activity;
  • collections of works, collections of folklore, encyclopedias and anthologies, collections of ordinary data, other compiled works, provided that they are the result of creative work on the selection, coordination or arrangement of content without infringing copyright on works included in them as part;
  • literary written works of fiction, journalistic, scientific, technical or other nature (books, brochures, articles, etc.);
  • musical instruments;
  • objects of numismatics;
  • antiques and other objects.

What is certification of art object?

In essence, this is an official certification of pre-established characteristics of the object (work of art), relating to its authorship, period of creation, presence or absence of restoration work, value, as well as the history of the work of art, its owners, source of origin, connection with historical and cultural events, etc;

What information is contained in the passport of the work of art?

The passport contains the following information about the work of art:

  • Photo of a work of art;
  • The name of the work of art;
  • Name of its author and year of creation;
  • Dimensions;
  • Technique and materials.

 Why is the authorization and certification of a work of art important?

The main advantage of a passport of a work of art is the possibility to:

  • present a work of art (painting, sculpture, ceramics, etc.) in international art markets;
  • provide a work of art for participation in international art exhibitions and expositions;
  • check the authenticity of the work of art when it is returned to the owner after participating in the exhibition;
  • simplify the procedure of insurance of a work of art and minimize insurance risks;
  • make a purchase and sale of a work of art without the need for additional research on authenticity, etc.

Exclusive method of authorization, confidential identification data about the authorization object are stored in the ICJE data center and, if necessary, specialists can authenticate and issue an appropriate certificate at the request of the object owner.

For more detailed information on authorization and certification of works of art, please contact the EAC Secretariat: