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Areas of expertise

 ICJE conducts expert examinations:

  • Upon the request of international commercial courts, without jurisdictional limitations.
  • In response to decisions made by state courts of first and appellate instances, regardless of jurisdictional boundaries.
  • Pursuant to orders from investigative or law enforcement agencies.
  • Upon the request of lawyers, legal entities, or individuals.
  • In accordance with other legal grounds.

ICJE main areas of expert research include:

  • Engineering inspection
  • Construction inspection
  • Land surveying
  • Electrical engineering inspection
  • Transportation and traffic engineering inspection
  • Financial audit
  • Environmental assessment
  • Commodity inspection
  • Intellectual property valuation
  • Art appraisal
  •  Linguistic analysis
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Document examination

For more detailed information on expertise please contact the EAC Secretariat: