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Members area

To join the European Arbitration Chamber you should take several steps:

  1. To fill on-line application for affiliation to the European Arbitration Chamber.
  2. Sign the EAСh Code of conduct and send it to secretary@chea-taic.be
  3. Pay the annual membership fees.

Kinds of membership:

  • Full member - has the right to participate and vote at the General Meeting of EACh members and have a special discount for the arrangements and information service rendered by the Chamber.
  • Associated member has no right to vote at the General Meeting

Amount of the annual membership fees:

Amount of the annual membership fee is 199 euro.

The following amounts of annual membership fees are to be paid by a certain category of members at their will:

  • 140 EUR for government employees regardless of their  citizenship
  • 80 EUR for students